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Brand : Champion Sports
Model : CSINP12
SKU : UBT1013
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Champion Sports CSINP12 Nylon Parachute with 12 Handles

This multicolor, playground-friendly parachute is ideal for children of all sizes. Easy-grip handles are reinforced so that even the sharpest tugs won’t tear the seams. Folds easily for space-saving storage.
-Nylon construction
-Collection: …

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Product Name : Champion Sports Nylon Parachute with 12 Handles
Product Group : Home/Family
Product Sub-Group#1 : Furniture
Product Sub-Group#2 : Playroom
Product Categories : Play Tents
Product Model : Champion Sports CSINP12

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Champion Sports Nylon Parachute with 12 Handles CSINP12 UBT1013

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