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Brand : ET2
Model : Pendant EP96075
SKU : ETL5230

Price : $25.73
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ET2 Pendant EP96075 Clipp 1-Light RapidJack Pendant

Features :

  • Bulb Included: Yes
  • Fixture: 5″ H x 5″ W
  • Fixture Type: Globe pendant
  • Bulb Type: Xenon
  • Number of Lights: 1

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Product Image

Product Name : Clipp 1-Light RapidJack Pendant
Product Group : Baby & Kids
Product Sub-Group#1 : Kids Lighting
Product Sub-Group#2 : Kids Lighting
Product Categories : Kids Pendant Lighting
Product Model : ET2 Pendant EP96075

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Other Details

ET2 Clipp 1-Light RapidJack Pendant Pendant EP96075 ETL5230

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